As mainframe experts retire, companies are suffering from a mainframe skills gap. Their mainframe systems are also aging. Companies need to decide whether to upgrade or abandon their legacy mainframes. The BigIron Solutions mainframe services package provides your business access to expert mainframe support on a ad-hoc basis. With this service from BigIron Solutions you can focus on your real core business and not the mainframe running it. This service can be used to respond to short term project requirements, unforseen staffing or project resourcing and emergency cover for BAU work. You are no longer tied into expensive and underutilized contract resources; you only pay for the services you use with the added knowledge that you hav eaccess to a wide range of profession IBM skills 24*7*365.  



Maintaining legacy applications normal involves having knowledge of outdated programming languages skils such as Assembler, PL1 or COBOL. We can provide programming services that will not only maintain such applications but we can also also provide a path to converting or abstracting out the core logic of your existing legacy applications to another modern platform such as C, C++, or even the newer web technologies such as Java and JavaScript. As an example, developing a web service wrapper API around an existing legacy interfaces will provide web service enablement. This means your legacy CICS or IMS transactions can be interact as a RESTful web service; now your old legacy services can be accessible via browser technologies.



z/System training is provided through one of our partner companies, z/Heritage, a part of the Syspertec group of companies. The range of course start from fundamental z/Systems systems administration through to more complex areas such as subsystems, security and diagnosis. Security, Networking, DB/DC are also covered. The courses on offer are tailored to your needs. This can be “classroom based”, onsite or “buddy” training where a consultant will provide one-to-one training or mentoring. Again, this can be provided on site or remotely through webex conference call technologies. Courses are also offered in z/Assembler amd macro language programing.